Entertainment space for LV locals

The Alley gives Las Vegas locals a place to call their own. this space challenges defining "authenticity" in a place that has alway been fake.

A casual entertainment space that creates a sense of community for a city that thrives of superficial experience.

The alley bridges together community and history by utilizing the trend shift culture into a “good” direction.


It's good for the people & planet.

The alley allows locals to connect through these social experiences :

  • restaurant

  • cannabis lounge

  • gallery

  • venue

location / demographic

The Alley uses the existing shell of what used to be the western casino to frame its exterior. The Downtown Location on east freemont street is far enough from the Vegas madness yet it sits in a lively neighborhood in the middle of the city.


The space is made for Locals in their 20's-30's who have spent their whole life in Vegas but have never felt a sense of community. This is a space they can call their own.

The facade stays almost as it has been so that it does not attract the wrong demographic.

The existing facade stays true to the history of Vegas

concept animation

As crazy as it may seem to put what looks like a chapel & circus tent inside what looks like a casino (while those 3 things are not actually programs in the space) there was reason behind everything. The space is informed by combining both the "duck" and the "decorated shed" that are discussed in the book "learning from Las Vegas" by architects Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi. 

This animation illustrates the thought behind the architectural moves.

floor plan & section

view of all three floors in the entire space.

West to east section cut through the center of the space.

the experience

All programs were set up as social spaces that allow locals to connect.

Low Key entrance in parking lot for locals.

Upon entering through the  local entry the first encounter is the alley where you see a chapel and tent facing each-other. 

Inside the chapel is a stage made for local musicians and performers to show off their talents to a curious audience.

Across from the chapel is a huge circus tent. The two next to each other symbolize the duck that Venturi & Scott Brown discuss.

Inside the tent is also a platform for local artists. This gallery allows artist to showcase their work and elevate their art.

When walking along the alley you come across a hidden dispensary that allows you to relax and have a real escape.


All chosen materials are already existing in the building or are materials that are made from natural substances.

The restaurant includes a bar and coffee shop and overlooks the rest of the experience.

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