3 Month Sanctuary Pop Up in Tokyo

This sanctuary works to connect natural beauty, environment, and wellness, through sensory products and materials and experience.

This experience was inspired by a trip to Costa Rica. Among visiting Costa Rica it was realized that people lived their lives there with such ease and enjoyment. No one ever seemed to be in a rush or stressed. 


We found that one of the biggest reasons Costa Rica had a very low stress and suicide rate was because of nature. CR sits on the equator and is covered in life.

We proposed to bring these natural elements back through the Shin Pura Vida structural experience and apothecary products.

Pura Vida.

form / material exploration

Through exploration we were able to create agar plastic and bacterial cellulose.

These decomposable materials strongly influenced the form of the structure and allowed us to make the structure completely out of decomposable materials.

The entire structure is designed with only egg-crate cardboard, cellulose with solar cell polymer and chitosan filled paper tubes.

Mood board and concept development

Cellulose sample - home grown

structure model
Final model of structure and Shibuya crossing.
site & structure

Located in the heart of downtown Tokyo in Hachiko square / Shibuya crossing.

The busiest crosswalk in the world.

Exploded axon explains what materials are used throughout the space and how they are used together.

circulation plan
Final Design
Key moment model of sound walk through chitosan tiles absorb sound and create a silent space.
Key moment model of light walk through light through cellulose creates a Costa Rica sunset simulation.
Material Fabrication. 
Displays agar plastic, cellulose, and chitosan filled paper tube.
Bacterial Cellulose display.
These skins are made with coconut, pineapple, and a mixture of both.
Coffee scrub, oil defuser, organic chocolates, and organic textiles all heighten your senses and relax you body.

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