A Full Ecological Experience

Biome works to advance our understanding of the natural and man-made environment through unique experimentation, Replication of micro-ecologies and creating an understanding of how the goods we consume are grown differently through different climates and environments.

Biome is constructed through a series of gardens designed to represent different biospheres. The gardens work together in the growth of natural fruits, vegetables, and micro-greens which  are used in the juicery that sits within the gardens.

sponsored and branded by Juice Served Here

Biome experiments with micro-ecologies where fresh greens are grown. These ecologies connect us back to our roots which stimulates a beautiful bond between human and nature.

Promote health through hip, cheeky design and branding that would interest young people in to a “drink yourself clean” movement.

Location   Spoke bicycle cafe

This charming location that sits along the bike path of the LA river creates a perfect spot for any active LA local.

Program Diagrams
Exploded Axon

These diagrams focus on circulation and movement through the space along with demonstrating how all the systems work harmoniously with each other.

Logo Development

By using the developed concept to produce a variation of logos I was able to narrow down the designs which most aligned to the concept and develop them fully.

Sketch Models

Through the production of a number of models focusing on the same concept I was able to produce the best circulation for this space.

Combines key moments and communicates them through sketches, renderings, and models.

Final Design

Combines key moments and communicates them through sketches, renderings, and models.

Juice Bar
Lounge Area
Full View

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