This hotel space glorifies sleep and rest, creating an ethereal environment that allows you to rest your body and mind completely.

Here dreams come true.
Opening ceremony boutique hotel

Site Research

9550 S Santa Monica Blvd.

Beverley Hills, CA

Program Diagram

Show each layer of the design process and how all elements of the design are tied together.

Public Space

This space is all about removing you from your reality and placing you in what feels like a dream by altering your sense of scale and environment.

These surreal experiences feel like you are already dreaming.

Upon entering through valet guest experience what looks like clouds on the ceiling tangles with floral plants.

After walking through the dichroic doors and checking in guest are free to chill in the daybeds and get a drink.

Room Experience

This cozy room is designed to create the most relaxing experience that will make any guest feel extremely comfortable and sleepy.

The room is full of soft material and crazy pastel color that make visitors feel nostalgic and dreamy.

The bed is the centerpiece of the room. In the middle of the room, it is covered by a plant filled platform that makes you feel protected.

Even the bathroom is constructed to make visitors feel like they are in an altered reality.

Next to the bed sits a low table surrounded by huge pillows that create ultimate comfort.

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