A Taschen bookstore branch that combines the love of reading and smoking weed. Located in downtown Los Angeles.


The space allows 2 of the world's finest substances to

live harmoniously in one space - Cannabis and books.

Here you can find shelves upon shelves of provocative

Taschen books along with a variety of locally grown bud.

The space utilizes Taschens provocative yet quirky attitude to address the social taboo around Cannabis. There is not better brand to introduce the idea of casual smoking to a big city.

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featured brands
location / demographic

A lively spot in the heart of downtown LA located between several trendy food spots, brewery's, and Sci - Arc.

The space is made for artistic types in their late 20’s - early 30’s

This audience takes their professional career very

seriously but loves to play.

Papers facade in downtown LA uses the history of  dispensaries being hidden to inform the design

form exploration

The form of the space was developed through research of how two things that are so different can live symbiotically in one space. 

Papers is an extremely symmetrical space with a mezzanine that cuts directly through the center.

The mezzanine holds all the cannabis while the rest of the space is dedicated to books. 

The easy to navigate circulation of the space  creates a care free environment that is ideal for reading and being high. It's all about winding down and enjoying two simple things. 

Full floor plan

under mezzanine plan

E to W section cut through center

E to W section cut through outside area

N to S section cut through center

material exploration

Some materials used in the space create a lively setting while others keep the space calm. This is the ideal space for both smoking and reading.

Throughout this space visitors feel fun and playful while still feeling relaxed enough to sit down and read.


When entering papers you are presented by stairs made of perforated metal that lead you up to a mezzanine where you will find all kinds of goods for smoking. This space literally gets you high - its a mezzanine (;

The entrance runs perfectly through the center of the space creating a symmetrically surreal environment.

Cannabis is displayed in a book.

The book contains information about the strain as well as how / where it was grown and which book to pair it with.

Have a little taste of your locally grown cannabis in the outdoor mezzanine area.

overview shot of downstairs shopping and lounging area.

View mesmerizing art pieces by featured artist in the hidden gallery.

The Lounge area under the mezzanine is recessed into the floor and allows you to lay down and read or look at the abstract projections above you.

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