water sanctuary

This spa captures the intimate relationship between natural water and the people of Berlin.

While spending 3 months in Berlin I realized that the connection people have with water is like no other city.

Water runs through Berlin the same way it runs through are body and people are constantly spending time around the spree river. Health in the city is expressed through a constant need for nature.

through the regenerative properties of water ​Blue Berlin finds calm and happiness with life and the moment mentally, physically and within you.

water flows next to us, 

we sit on top of it 

It surrounds us 


prinzenstrasse 90

Berlin Germany


modular art store
form exploration

the space is laid out according to programs that will benefit the physical, inner, and mental body.


   check in

   locker room

   prep room


   see & hear

   float tank



   reflection pool

   hydro bar

   self reflection


   contrast baths

   movement pool



made for you mental, inner, and physical body. this space will heal you from stress and the hectic nature of the city.

The facade is a complete separation of the city stress and the water healing & relaxation.


All 3 programs on this side of the sanctuary are dedicated to the healing properties that water has for clearing you mind. We have connections with water that are instinctual and based on evolution.

The seeing and hearing space connects you to your "blue mind" and puts you in a state of meditation.

The float tanks relax you through the connection of floating in your mothers womb.

Being wet is also about drying & sunlight. This is simulated in the drying area and can aid those suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

left - see and hear

top right - float

bottom right - drying

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The programs on this side of the space focus on physical therapy and how water can help with pain, circulation, and movement.

Contrasting heat and icy water is extremely beneficial for circulation which is what the contrast baths do for you. Dunk into a cold one, then a warm one next to it.

The infusion bubble uses naturally infused steam to relax any soreness in the muscles and release pain.

The movement pools circulate and work as gentle massages for your body entire body allowing you to reach full comfort and relaxation.

left - contrast baths

top right - infusion bubble

bottom right - movement pools

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Straight down the middle of the space, this reflection pool, falling shower, and infused water bar allow you to immerse in personal reflection and leave feeling hydrated, and new.

take away

At the end of the experience guests are given a bottle and body mist that will keep them hydrated as well as maintain their pure connection with water through Berlin.

stay wet berlin

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